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Style Guide Primer

Published on: Oct 6, 2010No comments

In the post on consistent branding, I suggested creating a style guide. This is a simple process which will save you plenty of time later. To create a print and online style guide, just gather the following items in a paper file folder and in a dedicated computer file folder:

Print File:

  • List of signature fonts
  • Standard colors formulas (PMS, CMYK and online color recipes)
  • Tagline(s)
  • Past promotional ads and tear sheets

Computer Folder:

  • Logo(s) in color and in black and white
  • Zipped files of signature fonts
  • Company biography text (two versions: one longer and one short)
  • Key product descriptions and photos
  • Headshots of top management (.jpgs)
  • List of researched keywords
  • Prepared reusable ad copy (elevator speech, mission statement, standard press release, sales sheets, flyers, etc.)
  • Contact information and log-in information for all online networks (Facebook, Twitter, industry specific forums, etc.)

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