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Consistent Branding

Published on: Oct 6, 20102 comments

Your customer is looking for someone to to trust.

Luckily, your branding can go a long way toward convincing your customer that you are the authority and expert on your product or service, therefore worthy of trust. But your branding and marketing message only has milliseconds to work before they turn the page or turn the corner.

Advantages of Consistent Branding

Consistent, repetitive use of your logo, tone and verbiage in your marketing efforts can yield in numerous benefits. Your company and brand is recognized on multiple platforms; from print ads in local guides to social media marketing avatars. The more often your logo and marketing message is received, the more recognizable you become.

Your level of perceived professionalism is raised because your marketing appearance is consistent. A simple, compelling marketing message is best communicated through a strong use of visual elements and repetitive communication.

Consistent branding also makes marketing easier. It is far simpler to jump on an impromptu marketing opportunity or to throw together a last minute campaign when your branding message stays consistent.


An excellent logo is the first step to a consistent branding campaign. Life is too short to have a bad logo. Invest the money into a strong, professional logo in order to create a strong first and subsequent impression. This is the face of your company which will be used on every printed piece, on your logo and as an avatar across your social media platforms.


A tagline is often used to help support your logo and your elevator pitch by clarifying further on who you are and why you are the best choice. This can be a tacked on line of text added to your logo or it can be the basis for your current marketing campaigns. It is acceptable to have more than one tagline or change taglines periodically.

By creating a strong, initial basis for your marketing campaigns, you will begin to see an exponential growth in trust. And you will hear¸ “I saw your ads. Everyone has told me you are the best.”

Excerpt from an article appearing in Wedlock Magazine.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I’m reading more and more about branding and it’s importance, and I’m trying to incorporate the ideas into my blog, and all my writing.

    Keep the Victory!

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