Comprehensive, Cohesive Marketing

As marketing strategies continue to evolve and transform, your business needs a pathway to success which both optimizes new strategies while retaining successful legacy programs.

Keylocke Services is an innovative leader with diverse experience in creating cohesive and comprehensive multi-media marketing strategies for small and mid-sized businesses, including through speaking, coaching, and writing.
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Keylocke Services can offer as much or as little help as needed, working alongside your marketing team or advertising agency. From emails and white papers to full social media campaigns, we can help your business move the needle towards profitability.

Today’s currency is content creation, but not just any content. Each article, every social post, and every downloadable white paper must contain compelling content, which serves the needs of your customer. It must be unique, relevant, and actionable.



With a mix of creativity and practicality, Nicole’s educational sessions on current marketing strategies move audiences to take their results to the next level. She brings timely marketing strategies to audiences around the Midwest and beyond, helping participants find marketing success, balance, and more time for their craft.

Marketing options change daily, keeping even the most strident marketer on their toes. How is a small business owner or self-published author supposed to traverse the...


Why Good Writing Matters

why good writing matters

Good writing is crucial in this information age—for your customer’s benefit and for the success of your business. The internet is composed of endless words, phrases and stories. Consumers are looking for answers and information.

However, with all these words at our fingertips, we...Read More →

Style Guide Primer


In the post on consistent branding, I suggested creating a style guide. This is a simple process which will save you plenty of time later. To create a print and online style guide, just gather the following items in a paper file folder and in a dedicated computer file folder:

Print...Read More →



With over 20 years of marketing experience across diverse industries, Nicole has seen marketing trends evolve from direct mail campaigns to marketing automation. Her first marketing campaigns were hefty wholesale catalogs and trade conventions, while her latest campaigns center on CRM personas and social media.


small businesses

    “Nicole is an excellent writer, I asked her to edit a sales page and she did a wonderful job crafting my words into a much better document that is attracting clients. Nicole had a very quick turnaround time and was very professional in dealing with my needs. –Diane Ness”

    “When I first met Nicole, I knew she would be a part of my company's marketing plan to take our business to the next level. She implemented and delivered a product idea, within 3 weeks, which was excellent turnaround. Nicole knows that we need to grow our business and she is working diligently along side our goals, to help us achieve success at the next level of our business. We are utilizing her in a variety of areas including writing, product descriptions, web site optimization, presentation clarity and more. –Barb Warner.”

    “Nicole acts as the marketing department for my business. She has great ideas, knowledge about the market and attention to detail on the projects we have hired her for. She has taken our business to the next level even during this tough economy. –Lori Firsdon”

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