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Why Good Writing Matters

Published on: Oct 6, 2010No comments

Good writing is crucial in this information age—for your customer’s benefit and for the success of your business. The internet is composed of endless words, phrases and stories. Consumers are looking for answers and information.

However, with all these words at our fingertips, we do not read.

We scan.

We are insatiably information-hungry—and extremely impatient. We expect the copy we read—on a brochure, on a website or in a letter—to be broken up into bite-sized chunks and delivered to us in pre-digested form. Browsability is almost as important as grammar.

Good writing = Competence

As readers, we also equate attractive, well-written copy with competence. Everyone has their grammatical pet peeves—whether it is text speech (which is gr8 4 ur phone but not 4 copy), misspelled words or run on sentences. When a potential client reads your wedding stationery site but sees that you have spelled stationery with an “a” (stationary)—they immediately question your quality.

Improved search engine placement

The best reason to have excellent writing on your website and blog is to help improve your SEO (search engine optimization.) Web spiders DO read. Proper spelling and grammar along with targeted keywords improves your search engine placement.

Whether in print or online, it is worth the time to create valuable content with near-perfect grammar for your customers.

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