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Monitoring the Buzz

Published on: Apr 25, 2010No comments

Are your ears burning? It is always good to know when someone is talking about you, especially if it is favorably. But it is also good to know when your name is mentioned in any light.

The first step towards monitoring your name, business name and even industry, is signing up for Google Alerts. This simple, free application alerts you by email every time your name is mentioned online. I counsel clients to sign up for several keywords:

1. Your name in quotations, such as “Nicole Amsler”

2. Your company name in quotations, ie. “Keylocke Services” or “Keylocke Marketing.”

3.  Specific industry terms in quotes, such as “small business marketing consulting” or “copywriter Dayton.” You will want to make sure the keywords aren’t too broad, like “music.” They should also have 2-3 words at minimum.

Once you set up a few Google Alerts, you can begin modifying them as needed. Tweak your keywords until you have exactly the terms you want to follow. You will always want to follow your name and business name. Following competitor names, local events and industry trends can be more transient. Canceling Google Alerts is as easy as starting them.

Assignment: If you haven’t already, start a Google Alert on your name and business name. If you already have Alerts set up, add a few more industry specific alert terms.

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